The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Side Trip to Xendrick

The group met up with Captain Brag, who ran the pirate ship that was taking them to Xendrick. They tried to move through the Sahuagin infested waters with out paying their toll. The ship was spotted and was required to pay a blood price or be killed to a man. The group managed to kill the sahuagins and resumed their journey.

When they got to Xendrick they made their way into the jungle with no problems. They discovered a group of drow camped in front of the temple they need to go to. The group eventually snuck around the drow and made it into the tomb. They found out the information that they wanted was being held by a undead giant bound to a chair. They eventaully defeated his guardians, released him and got the research information that they wanted. The were forced to release him but failed to mention the drow outside the tomb. The drow managed to kill the gionat and were to distracted to notice the group leaving the scene. When they got back to the shore the pirates wanted to kill them to take whatever it was that they found. They were dissuaded from killing anyone until they met up with the groups contacts.(the Black lanterns). The pirates were summarily executed.

The material they recovered implied that house Vadalis was the group most interested in the dragon mark research. They weren’t just interested in transferring a dragon mark from one person to another or trying to change one that is already there. Their real goal was to make an entirely new and stable blood line. The main lab for this group was located in central Cyre.

We need a Bigger Boat

The group was savagely attacked by a group of mercenaries demanding that they give them The pendant key that they had acquired in the first adventure. With little trouble they managed to kill them and find out they were working for the same group that was conducting the dragon mark research. Their handler ordered them to go to Xendrick and find out what they were so eager to protect. Unfortunately they had to travel using unofficial means. Sylvander suggested that they met up with his brother who is some kind of criminal.

The group eventually tracked down Zale. He was in a bit of hot water with a local crime lord. He was the middle man in a smuggling ring. The goods were seized by a corrupt guard captain. The group managed to get the goods back by storming the guards hidden storeroom in the sewers. The crime lord agreed to supply a boat to take the group to Xendrick once his merchandise is secured.

Rebel Rebel

The group was on it’s way back from investigating and shutting down a forging scam when the Lightning rail they were taking home did not arrive as scheduled. They found out a former commander of Andair’s military was being charged with aiding the people who stile the train. It happened to be the long time Rival of Talon who had nearly been ruined in their former run-ins during the war. He was less than willing to talk.

The group went to his house and was confronted by agents of the Cyran dawn. After a long fight the group managed to capture one of the terrorists and get the location of their camp. The terrorist had stolen the lightning rail and were outfitting it with a weapon made with elemmental crystals. Avoiding detection the group managed to find the commander’s wife and child and free them. They also made it on board the lightning rail and stole it back. The Cyran dawn managed to get half their forces aboard the train but were swiftly defeated.

Jail Breakers part 2

From previous post – Haydith went north through Thane to the town of Thaliost were they found out she chartered a ship and crew to go out to the lazaire principalities. The characters decided to get teleported out the Principalities to wait for her and to find out what Haydith and the emerald claw have planned.

The party managed to bribe the harbor master to inform them as soon as the ship lady Haydith was on arrived. A runner came for them the next day to take them to the quay were the ship had landed. Unfortunately it was an ambush set up by parties unknown to drive them away. Once they fought off their attackers the party noticed someone watching them. They managed to chase him down before he disappeared completely.

The person who set hte ambush was the adviser to Koblerkan; the prince of this island. He had made a deal with the emerald claw. They would finance a new ship yard for house lysander in his capital and he would secure an airship for their express use. The airship was tied up just outside the city. The group decided to not depend on the easily corrupted harbor master more than they had to. So they staked out the airship instead. When the crew of the ship started to get ready to make way with out the Lady haydith on board they decided to follow the ship and managed to sneak on board successfully.

Before long the airship met up with the ship lady haydith was on and managed to take her and her party onboard. The group overhead that the reason they airship was needed was they were going to assault dreadhold. They Tried to sneak around and get every one on the top deck so that they could be taken care of more easily. They were seen and a mid air brawl ensued. Then the dust settled it was found out that the reason lady Haydith was attacking dread hold was to free a prisoner she believed to be her true brother and to then lead a revolt in Karnath with him.

The group forced the crew of the Airship to detour to Breland to return Lady Haydith and collect their just rewards.

Jail Breakers part 1

The characters are told that the guard detail watching the political hostage from Karnath Lady Haydith has stopped reporting in. She was in a small town near the border living the high life but the guards detailing her were not the ones assigned to her normally. Eventually they tracked her to an encampment populated with emerald claw flunkies. She had taken out large loans and had financed them for some large project.

The characters went north on the same lightning rail line and were nearly derailed by a group of rebels working out of the Eldeen reaches. They were trying to get ahold of a lightning rail engine for some reason. The characters stopped the highjacking but never found out what the rebels were after.

Haydith went north through Thane to the town of Thaliost were they found out she chartered a ship and crew to go out to the lazaire prinicalities. The characters decided to get teleported out the Pricipalities to wait for her and to find out what Haydith and the emerald claw have planned.

A New Assignment

The Government of Breland wants to know who made the ritual and how it got into Alundair. They sent the party to the Mrorn Holds to an auction house. The group managed to get ingratiated with the owner. He eventually revealed his underworld connections to the characters so they could get rid of his unsavory partners. Unfortunately the people who found the ritual are a salvage team that is in the Mourne Lands. They reported this information but have received no further instruction at this point

To Catch a Spy

The group is given the assignment to go undercover into Alundair to extract a spy that has ignore an order to return home. A spy discovered in a foreign country could spark hostilities that Breland does not need right now. The spy was a changling that fell in love and refused to pull out until she is able to leave with the research she discvered.

The characters eventually figured out the identiy of the spy and convinced her to show themm the secret lab she worked in. The research involved changing dragon marks and adding them to creatures that did not have them before. It’s a very dangerous project that would make many enemies in the dragon marked houses. The characters decided to detail the research to Breland but destroyed the actual lab and ritual required.

Falling to Pieces

The Characters got to Sharn with no real problems and managed to get the necklace to the jeweler’s. The characters are contacted by an warforged they knew during the war. Warforged in the city have been going missing lateley and he was taken as well. The warforged worker in the city are an unwelcome presence and are not missed overly much.

The hero’s got attackked by a strange group of warforged who are part of the Made God cult from the mourn land. They were uusing the warforged they captured as componnents for their god. They players eventually managed to track down their workshop. The group managed to rouse the warforged into a fighting force capable of dealling with this threat. Unfortunately they didn’t really have permission to raise up a militia inside Sharn.

Bad Company
The Second Game

A lord has his family heirloom jewelery stollen from him by his household wizard and has hired the group to reaquire them for him. The group found the wizard has an old ancestral home that he was trying to renovate back into usefullness. They tracked him to the abandoned toer and eventually found him in the basement trying to use the necklace as a prison for a Quar that somehow got stuck in his ancestors prison. He was to barter this creature for the release of his daughter.

The group killed the wizard, reclaimed the hheirloom jewels and went back to the lord. The Lord decided to have his heirloom necklace recut and reset into a new peice and sends the characters to Sharn to have the work done by a respectable jeweler.

Orphans and Puppies
The first adventure our group had

The adventure started with our group getting hired to go find a group of kkidnapped war orphans from the town of Hatherhill. There was a wealthy patron who was trying to addopt one the children when they were kidnapped.

On the way there they took a lightning rail train that came under attack from a group of Raiders. They were after a small mechanical pendant that resembles a flower when activated. They managed to fight off the raiders and decided to keep the pendant.

When they got to the town they found out that the children were taken by orcs. The children were part of contract the orcs took to remove an single child from the world. They did this by takking all the kids and endevored to sell them to a dragon bellow cult for sacrifies. The group managed to rescue the kids and kill both groups of monsters.


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