The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Jail Breakers part 1

The characters are told that the guard detail watching the political hostage from Karnath Lady Haydith has stopped reporting in. She was in a small town near the border living the high life but the guards detailing her were not the ones assigned to her normally. Eventually they tracked her to an encampment populated with emerald claw flunkies. She had taken out large loans and had financed them for some large project.

The characters went north on the same lightning rail line and were nearly derailed by a group of rebels working out of the Eldeen reaches. They were trying to get ahold of a lightning rail engine for some reason. The characters stopped the highjacking but never found out what the rebels were after.

Haydith went north through Thane to the town of Thaliost were they found out she chartered a ship and crew to go out to the lazaire prinicalities. The characters decided to get teleported out the Pricipalities to wait for her and to find out what Haydith and the emerald claw have planned.



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