The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Jail Breakers part 2

From previous post – Haydith went north through Thane to the town of Thaliost were they found out she chartered a ship and crew to go out to the lazaire principalities. The characters decided to get teleported out the Principalities to wait for her and to find out what Haydith and the emerald claw have planned.

The party managed to bribe the harbor master to inform them as soon as the ship lady Haydith was on arrived. A runner came for them the next day to take them to the quay were the ship had landed. Unfortunately it was an ambush set up by parties unknown to drive them away. Once they fought off their attackers the party noticed someone watching them. They managed to chase him down before he disappeared completely.

The person who set hte ambush was the adviser to Koblerkan; the prince of this island. He had made a deal with the emerald claw. They would finance a new ship yard for house lysander in his capital and he would secure an airship for their express use. The airship was tied up just outside the city. The group decided to not depend on the easily corrupted harbor master more than they had to. So they staked out the airship instead. When the crew of the ship started to get ready to make way with out the Lady haydith on board they decided to follow the ship and managed to sneak on board successfully.

Before long the airship met up with the ship lady haydith was on and managed to take her and her party onboard. The group overhead that the reason they airship was needed was they were going to assault dreadhold. They Tried to sneak around and get every one on the top deck so that they could be taken care of more easily. They were seen and a mid air brawl ensued. Then the dust settled it was found out that the reason lady Haydith was attacking dread hold was to free a prisoner she believed to be her true brother and to then lead a revolt in Karnath with him.

The group forced the crew of the Airship to detour to Breland to return Lady Haydith and collect their just rewards.



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