The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Orphans and Puppies

The first adventure our group had

The adventure started with our group getting hired to go find a group of kkidnapped war orphans from the town of Hatherhill. There was a wealthy patron who was trying to addopt one the children when they were kidnapped.

On the way there they took a lightning rail train that came under attack from a group of Raiders. They were after a small mechanical pendant that resembles a flower when activated. They managed to fight off the raiders and decided to keep the pendant.

When they got to the town they found out that the children were taken by orcs. The children were part of contract the orcs took to remove an single child from the world. They did this by takking all the kids and endevored to sell them to a dragon bellow cult for sacrifies. The group managed to rescue the kids and kill both groups of monsters.



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