The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Rebel Rebel

The group was on it’s way back from investigating and shutting down a forging scam when the Lightning rail they were taking home did not arrive as scheduled. They found out a former commander of Andair’s military was being charged with aiding the people who stile the train. It happened to be the long time Rival of Talon who had nearly been ruined in their former run-ins during the war. He was less than willing to talk.

The group went to his house and was confronted by agents of the Cyran dawn. After a long fight the group managed to capture one of the terrorists and get the location of their camp. The terrorist had stolen the lightning rail and were outfitting it with a weapon made with elemmental crystals. Avoiding detection the group managed to find the commander’s wife and child and free them. They also made it on board the lightning rail and stole it back. The Cyran dawn managed to get half their forces aboard the train but were swiftly defeated.



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