The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

Side Trip to Xendrick

The group met up with Captain Brag, who ran the pirate ship that was taking them to Xendrick. They tried to move through the Sahuagin infested waters with out paying their toll. The ship was spotted and was required to pay a blood price or be killed to a man. The group managed to kill the sahuagins and resumed their journey.

When they got to Xendrick they made their way into the jungle with no problems. They discovered a group of drow camped in front of the temple they need to go to. The group eventually snuck around the drow and made it into the tomb. They found out the information that they wanted was being held by a undead giant bound to a chair. They eventaully defeated his guardians, released him and got the research information that they wanted. The were forced to release him but failed to mention the drow outside the tomb. The drow managed to kill the gionat and were to distracted to notice the group leaving the scene. When they got back to the shore the pirates wanted to kill them to take whatever it was that they found. They were dissuaded from killing anyone until they met up with the groups contacts.(the Black lanterns). The pirates were summarily executed.

The material they recovered implied that house Vadalis was the group most interested in the dragon mark research. They weren’t just interested in transferring a dragon mark from one person to another or trying to change one that is already there. Their real goal was to make an entirely new and stable blood line. The main lab for this group was located in central Cyre.



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