The Longer Road: an Eberon Campaign

We need a Bigger Boat

The group was savagely attacked by a group of mercenaries demanding that they give them The pendant key that they had acquired in the first adventure. With little trouble they managed to kill them and find out they were working for the same group that was conducting the dragon mark research. Their handler ordered them to go to Xendrick and find out what they were so eager to protect. Unfortunately they had to travel using unofficial means. Sylvander suggested that they met up with his brother who is some kind of criminal.

The group eventually tracked down Zale. He was in a bit of hot water with a local crime lord. He was the middle man in a smuggling ring. The goods were seized by a corrupt guard captain. The group managed to get the goods back by storming the guards hidden storeroom in the sewers. The crime lord agreed to supply a boat to take the group to Xendrick once his merchandise is secured.



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